Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teaching Kids to Write Poems is Funny

Funny kids poems should take a typical situation and then transform it into an exceptional episode. Poetry should be lighthearted or funny. Rhyming words attract children that happen to be learning how to read.

Funny kids poems typically tell a tale. Begin to imagine a moment in the life of a child, a spotlight moment. Examine special feelings about the incident the day of a child. Take advantage of strong visual images, or even to talk some sense into your drive. If you choose to write a comic poem, gives it a punch line that should surprise the player.

1. Write a list of words(try, high, fly, kite, night, fun, run, roam, home, etc.)

2. Recite them. Write a few sentences that come with or select some of the children and recite them. This way you can hear the rhyming words. Party lines.

3. Read the Bible. The Bible is written in prose and the most widely read book in the world. Try to read and discuss parts of the Bible because it rhymes with the children.

4th Poems on pets. Try to get children to write a poem about their favorite animals. They can also write poems about their grandparents. The point is to help deal with what they are doing a poem.

5. Rhyming games. An effective method to teach children poetry is used in games.

6. Music. Play different music choices and emphasize the mixture of words and words in the poems. There is often rhymes used.

***funny kids poems 1***

My Parents Sent Me To the Store ~ Kenn Nesbitt

funny kids poems 1

My parents sent me to the store
to buy a loaf of bread.
I came home with a puppy
and a parakeet instead.

I came home with a guinea pig,
a hamster and a cat,
a turtle and a lizard
and a friendly little rat.

I also had a monkey
and a mongoose and a mouse.
Those animals went crazy
when I brought them in the house.

They barked and yelped and hissed
and chased my family out the door.
My parents never let me
do the shopping anymore.

***funny kids poems 2***

My Grandpa ~ by Kenn Nesbitt

I'll tell you a bit of my grandpa.
I think he's a thousand years old.
He must keep his hands in the freezer;
I've never felt ice cubes that cold.

The hair growing off of his earlobes
is more than the hair on his head.
His eyes are all baggy and bloodshot.
His nose is the same shade of red.

His voice is like rickety floorboards.
It crackles and groans when he speaks.
Whenever he bends down to hug me
it sounds like his skeleton creaks.

He says that his memory is failing.
He thinks that he's losing his mind.
He's always misplacing his glasses;
without them he's legally blind.

My mom says his hearing is normal.
I kind of believe her, but then
whenever I tell him "I love you,"
he asks me to say it again.

***funny kids poems 3***


This fly
Could be a spy,
Buzzing around
(Annoying sound),
Hither and thither,
Fast, in a flicker
It’s changing direction,
A new location,
Barely in sight,
Incredible flight -
What does it see?
Does it see me?

***funny kids poems 4***

The Cat with a smile

The Cat with a Smile
Will wait for a while,
Cleaning its paws
And sharpening its claws,
Though for what I don’t know -
Perhaps it’s just show?

If there’s a mouse nearby
Perhaps it should go

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Funny kids poems (Update)

***funny kids poems 5***

Eight and Bed ~ by Angela Rose

I don’t want to go to bed.
It’s only eight, my brother said.
But eight is when all eight year olds,
need to do as they’ve been told.

Why can’t I stay up till ten?
He demanded yet again.
Because you’re eight my mom replied,
So to bed he went with a heavy sigh.

However what mom doesn’t know,
to bed my brother does not go.
Instead he hides out in the den,
until she tells him to go to bed again.

funny kids poems 5

***funny kids poems 6***

One Dark Day ~ by Anonymous

funny kids poems 6

One dark day in the middle of the night,
Two old boys got up to fight.
Back-to-back they faced each other,
Drew their swords, and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise,
Came right out and got those boys.
If you don't believe this lie is true,
Ask the blind man, because he saw it too.

***funny kids poems 7***

All I Need

funny kids poems 7

All I need is a pencil, an eraser
or some chalk
A pen, paper or a sparkler
To write out my funny thoughts

All I need is a box or a brick
So I can sketch on each and every side
Or maybe I could draw upon my kite
and let my imagination fly

***funny kids poems 8***

Here is the House ~ by Kenn Nesbitt

funny kids poems 8

Here is the house
on the street in the town
where the downstairs is up
and the upstairs is down.

The people who live here
all stand on their heads.
They sleep on the ceilings
and can't reach their beds.

The basement's the attic.
The roof is the floor.
They climb up a ladder
to crawl through the door.

Their pets run in circles
because they're all dizzy.
This house is confusing
and everyone's busy.

The downstairs is upstairs.
The upstairs is down
since twenty tornadoes
blew into the town.